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Window Cleaning Malibu |



For $95 dollars, we will clean all your windows of your house (apartment or house up to 2000 sq ft)   Usually in the same day you call us!   Or we give you a written quote if your house is a little larger or if most windows are french type (small paynes).  PLEASE REMIND US OF THIS OFFER ON THE WEBPAGE!     


We are local guys from Malibu area ( our home base is right off Kanan rd and Mulholland)  











Thanks Kate of Monte Nido for complaining about the spiders who have made a home on the outside walls of your home!  I hear you !   And as a consequence of these pests, I want to find the best solutions for the job!!!

SQUEAKY CLEAN FREE BETA TEST... Until July 1, 2017, We will spray the outside of your window frames with a variety of ECO AND ANIMAL FRIENDLY BUG REPELANT.... AT NO COST!!!  We just ask you to tell us how long it took for the spray to wear out its effectiveness.  


JUST CALL  (or text) 310 457 7777  AND SAY.... I WANT THE FREE BETA TEST before you wash my windows!  :-)

During our BETA TEST, I will be trying a variety of natural and non dangerous to humans or pets. The ingridients that we will add to our hand water sprayer will be a variety of combinations of ingredients like...  Water plus... white vinegar, disolved coconut oil, lemon oil, disolved Habanero peppers, powered garlic... tell me your recepie or concerns????








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