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Is your house in the environmental dark ages??


Save real money every month (between 50 to 75% OF YOUR MONTHLY LIGHTING ENERGY COSTS).... Enjoy more light, by having us change your light bulbs to ENERGY EFFICIENT AND LONGEST LASTING LED BULBS!!! 

Our fee is $200 for most 4 bedroom homes

    1. We size and count the bulbs,

          2. We go to home depot and buy equivalent new energy efficient LED bulbs,

                 3. We install them.  

You save between 75% to 50% of your interior electricity lighting cost. You pay for the cost of the light bulbs.

If you pay $300 electric bill... this may mean $150 power cost reduction every month...or $1700 average yearly savings... This includes our service and the cost of the new bulbs!

LED  bulbs have an average 50,000 hour life... that is over 5 years of 24hr per day, 7days a week usage... energy consumption is about 1/10 compared to incandescent bulbs... LED bulbs are more environmentally friendly than fluorescent  use less energy and are much more longer lasting.  In summary; LED do not need to be changed as often, and use a fraction of the energy compared to incandescent and fluorescent!


Call 310 457 7777 today for an appointment and the counting of your light bulbs... start saving today!!.